Hi, my name is Laura and I’m a freelance illustrator. I love discovering use and costumes of the world, traveling, talking with imaginary creatures, getting lost in my dreams.

Through my work, inspired to folklore and naïf art, I create bridges between cultures, past and present, visible and invisible worlds, in my personal way.


My work is bizarre, different, unusual and very colorful, because I have a child’s soul in an adult body. I’m attracted by mysteries, death, flowers, secret gardens, labyrinths and I feel like Alice in wonderland, my inspirational muse.

Bara del Ghana

I love very much folk clothing and I draw clothes inspired by traditional fashion of the world, making them sew by tailors known during my travels.



I studied art at University, in Verona, and immediately after graduating, I worked with a local artist, exhibiting my works, especially photos and collages, in different exhibitions. After that, I felt in love with anthropology and Roma culture, so I decided to work in the circus. I worked as a photographer in the circuses Moira Orfei, Medrano, Vienna for some years.



Today I’m a freelance illustrator: I create logos, cover books, flyers, posters, labels for brands, artisans, shops and so on. If you need an original, different, magical design, I am the perfect illustrator for you. You can contact me writing to: lauraderosa1706@gmail.com