Hi, my name is Laura De Rosa and I’m a freelance illustrator. I love following White Rabbits, getting lost in my dreams, discovering and making connections between real and imaginary worlds. Because I believe that diversity is always a richness.

Coming with me, you will travel from one culture to another, from darkness to light, from the visible to the invisible, from death to life, discovering the world from new perspectives. Are you ready?


I really enjoy working for herbalists, creative magazines, shops with a naif soul, children books and free spirits. I’m able to do everything you want, cover books, flyers, logos, posters, labels (ohhh I like very much labels), the important thing is that you like fantasy as I do!


My work is bizarre, different, unusual and very colorful, because I have a child’s soul in an adult body. I’m also attracted by mysteries, death, flowers, secret gardens, labyrinths and I feel like Alice in wonderland, my inspirational muse.


I love very much folk clothing and I draw clothes inspired by traditional fashion of the world, making them sew by tailors known during my travels.



I studied art at University, in Verona, and immediately after graduating, I worked with a local artist, exhibiting my works, especially photos and collages, in different exhibitions. After that, I felt in love with anthropology and Roma culture, so I decided to work in the circus. I worked as a photographer in the circuses Moira Orfei, Medrano, Vienna for some years.



If you need help, please contact me writing to: lauraderosa1706@gmail.com