A collection of real and imaginary animals 


      The Key is Nature, 2019, Folktaleweek2019

illustration cat

I’m the King, Folktaleweek 2019


Illustrated animals

Il mio nome è nessuno, personal project, digital art, 2019

editorial illustration

Il tuo futuro è incerto, editorial illustration for Greenme

gallo sciamano

Gallo sciamano, personal project for a fairytale, digital art, 2019


               Lucas the Rabbit, personal project, 2019


folk-illustration Insect Inside, gouache, FolkTaleWeek, 2019


folktaleweek   Insect Inside, gouache, FolkTaleWeek 2019


folk-art   Insect Inside, gouache, FolkTaleWeek 2019


illustrazioni-folk Theatre Poster – Client: Cecilia Lattari, 2018